Build a personal brand

Nik Hewitt, head of social media at Tank PR, explains that the way job seekers present themselves online is of keen interest to employers.

‘We’re all brands now,’ he says. ‘You can learn a lot about people by the way they conduct themselves online. Would you recruit someone with an incomplete LinkedIn profile and no picture? What does it say about someone and the way they might organise their professional life?’

By creating strong profiles, coordinated across all the main platforms, you’ll find that recruiters may get in touch with you. So manage your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram accounts correctly and you’ll be well placed to reap the career rewards.

As it’s a highly creative medium, you’re perfectly fine to provide an insight into your personality, putting forward your ideas, opinions and interests. You can also use sites like YouTube, Vimeo and any personal blogs to present yourself to potential employers.

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